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dancu~ Luke
This is a Reference Source

Before I get into explaining the logs that are acceptable in the community, I'm going to begin with examples and explanations of journals for the newer members who don't quite grasp it still.

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I've had a couple people ask me about how the logs in the community are going to work. Here is a detailed explanation for each different type of log that is accepted as well as a brief example of them.

Explanation of LogsCollapse )

This is a brief listing of the things that can be posted to the main community. It's pretty self explanatory, so it really is going to just be a list. :P

Explanation of What goes on the Main Community PageCollapse )
19th-Aug-2009 09:06 pm - OOC: For the uninformed and confused~
dancu~ Luke
Okay this is going to be a guide for those of you who are having trouble with things on LJ or are new to LJ in general.
The following are codes and such for easy journal editing and formatting.

Basic LJ CodesCollapse )
31st-Jul-2009 12:43 pm - CONTACT
Gravity GuyxLuke

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